Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s New Disney Villain-esque Song

Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW.
Devoted Crazy Ex-Girlfriend viewers know that at the end of last week's episode, it finally happens. Rebecca (Rebecca Bloom) and Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) kiss in the courtroom after she passionately fights — and unfortunately loses — her battle for Josh and many other tenants who've been plagued by a lack of hot water.
Now we, the audience, and Rebecca's friend and confidant Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) have been hoping for Rebecca and Josh to get together since the beginning of the show. We've been following this story from Rebecca's perspective. She's an overworked lawyer from New York City who runs into her summer camp boyfriend on the street one day and decides to relocate to his sunny town of West Covina, CA. To the people in her life who expect her to follow the "normal" path for a Jewish female who was raised in Westchester and went to Harvard, it might seem odd to turn down a big promotion at a well-known NYC law firm and uproot her life, but the move is just what Rebecca needs to lower her stress levels. It also helps that Josh is going to be at her final destination.
Unfortunately, when she arrives in West Covina, Rebecca learns that Josh has a girlfriend. Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) is a yoga instructor who can't help but see Rebecca's motives for coming to West Covina as less than pure. If we switch gears and view things from Valencia's perspective, Rebecca does become the villain in this story. She keeps coming up with different ways to spend time with Josh, with this legal battle being just the latest in a long line of inventive hang-out concepts. In fact, from where Valencia stands, all she sees is another woman who will go to extreme measures to spend time with her boyfriend.
Viewers also know that Valencia is very self-centered, and she's probably not right for Josh. Still, she's his current girlfriend, and that means Rebecca and Josh's big kiss is an act of betrayal that she doesn't really deserve. That's why this song, "The Villain of My Own Story," with its sinister tone, represents a moment of realization for Rebecca.
In it, Rebecca compares what's happened to a Disney fairy tale. Valencia is the princess, and Rebecca is the witch. Or, if this were Aladdin, Valencia would be Jasmine and Rebecca would be Jafar. It's an apt comparison for what's happening in the story at this juncture. Watch an exclusive preview of the song before the episode airs Monday, March 7, at 8 p.m on The CW.

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