Mean Girls Gets Reimagined As A Love Story Between Cady & Janis

Mean Girls' Janis Ian is pretty clear about the fact that she does not have a great big lesbian crush on any of the Plastics. But a newly edited trailer of the 2004 film asks the question: What if she and Cady were actually sort of in love with each other?

No, seriously. This well-done cinematic revision depicts a world in which Cady and Janis come out with their feelings for one another. And while we'd love to have seen a slightly more lighthearted version of the mashup, we have to admit: It's pretty great. Instead of Cady falling for Aaron Samuels, she's falling for Janis all along and vice versa. (Honestly, that seems like a more fulfilling relationship in the long term, anyway. Janis is way cooler than that dude.)

Check out the love story for yourself in the video below.

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