Meet Your New Favorite Party Game: Dare Jenga

Photo: Courtesy of JENGA.
Full disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of drinking games. Either they make a mess (flip cup, beer pong) or involve a lot of rules and arguing (king’s cup, or how I wasted most of my junior year). While I gladly left those games on the sticky frat-house floors of my college days, I have to admit — I’ve found a drinking game that I actually want to try. The rules are simple, no flying cups are involved, and it's a riff on one of my favorite games from childhood — Jenga. How do you turn the tower of blocks into boozy, adult-friendly fare? YouTuber DaveHax shared a how-to, for a game he’s dubbed “Dare Jenga.” Using a pen, simply write dares on a select number of blocks. He provides a list, but notes that you can make them as “tame or daring” as you'd like. The drinking rules can also be adjusted however you want — you can include some drinking-related dares on the block (“Finish your drink”), or have players drink when they can’t (or won’t) complete a dare. What happens when the entire Jenga board collapses? The video doesn’t specify, but here’s another chance to get creative with the rules. Whatever you decide, you can quickly set up a new game and start the fun all over again. (Diply)

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