We’ve Got Good News & Bad News About The Gilmore Girls Reboot…

If you were around during the original Gilmore Girls days, then you already have some sort of allegiance to (or hatred toward) Jess, as portrayed by the always perfectly mussed Milo Ventimiglia. Either way, he's headed back for the Netflix reboot. And you know that his presence is going to stir things up in Stars Hollow.
But if you're hoping that Jess and Rory get back together, you might be a little disappointed. "I had my first day of filming on Tuesday this week," Ventimiglia said at Wizard World Comic Con earlier this week. "Jess is just up to Jess shit. He’s Jess. He’s a little salty and ornery and kind of doing his own thing and has zero tolerance for anything — or anyone." Copy that. So, about those potential sparks between him and Rory... "[Jess] is also there to kind of push the ball forward for some folks of Stars Hollow, which is something that Jess has always done, whether intentionally, maliciously, or positively," the actor went on. "He’s always sent people in a direction." Like, for example, that time he sent Rory in a direction that was not a relationship with him? It sounds like Ventimiglia is saying that he's more of a catalyst in the series than a definitive love interest. Here's hoping that won't be the case this time around, but guess we'll just have to wait and see. Listen to the entire interview in the video clip below.

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