Is This The Proof Of Jon Snow’s Return We’ve Been Waiting For?

The question still stands: Is Jon Snow coming back to Game of Thrones in the highly anticipated sixth season? HBO is still being sneaky about the answer, saying only that he definitely did die last season. But the series' latest promo is leading us to wonder what's really going to happen. The character has officially made his way into the Hall of Faces, along with other visages of the dead.
But while these images may be spooky, they aren't definitive proof that these characters are over and done with, since living characters' mugs also appear entombed. The official "Hall of Faces" video promo (released earlier this month) also contains a plausible hint suggesting that those who are dead will rise again. "The long night is coming. And the dead come with it," Jon Snow's voice rings out toward the end of the promo.
Our interpretation? If the long night is in fact coming and the dead are coming with it, then maybe that means GoT is going to throw a zombie-style story line our way. So while Jon Snow might not be alive, he could still be returning — just as member of the undead squad.

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