Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episode 10 Recap: Do You Want To Be Alone?

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Last week on Grey's, Meredith was beaten, temporarily lost her hearing, had her jaw wired shut, and within the course of the episode basically totally recovered. Now she's both 100% fine (as she smilingly tells her shrink) but probably not 100% fine (because she's tense running carpool). Elsewhere in the hospital, remember Hunt's secret enemy who he punched, but we don't know why because he's mysterious (Hunt, but possibly the enemy, Riggs, too)? Bailey has them joining together to help them work things out, because everyone knows traumatic injuries are the best icebreakers for conflict resolutions.
And the patient of the week is a charming chatty teen with cancer (played by Samantha Isler) straight out of the next YA bestseller. She's adorable, so they have to save her. Or is she so adorable, they can't possibly let her live, because the docs need to remember how fragile life is? When Alex gives her a safe option to remove the cancer from her chest, she fires him, because that's not the innovative doctoring she was promised.
As Rigg and Hunt argue waiting for a patient, an ambulance explodes, and there's no real pause in the Hunt-Rigg fight. It should be more dramatic, but at a hospital where there's been a shooter, an electrocution, and an actual bomb, not even Michael Bay-style explosions can get the medical staff to take a breath.
In personal drama, Jo just wants to chill with her friends, not Alex, because no couple is allowed to be happy in this point in season 12. If Derek's ghost showed up (which is not out of the realm of possibilities for this show), he and Meredith would probably be fighting.
Meredith gives her therapist a rundown of the romantic going-ons at the hospital, which is hard for the poor man to understand, but honestly probably less confusing than the compendium of bad stuff that's happened to her.
Elsewhere in the hospital, the smart yet tragic teen has hired Callie and Maggie to 3-D print her a sternum. This development leaves Alex nervous and pissed, because these doctors fear all new surgery they didn't come up with themselves. "This is full of DANGER!" rumbles the doc who wanted to let a bullet chill inside his body indefinitely.
Amelia and Owen are talking and flirting again, which could mean dinner, but probably means confessions in an alleyway. After some not so gentle prodding, Owen tells her a fairly cryptic story about his dearly departed sister and her love for Riggs who was there "when we lost her" and apparently didn't do enough to save her. Was he driving the car in a fatal accident? Was he her doctor and couldn't fix the damage that had been done? Did he suggest they try that new seafood place, and no one knew she was allergic to shrimp? The writers are really drawing this mystery out.
Alex shows up to 3-D printer kid's surgery just to hold her hand, because with McDreamy gone, Alex is the resident heart melter (really, it should be Jackson, but he's sending his wife divorce papers, so not terribly romantic).
At this point it's unclear if Meredith and her therapist are having one continuous session or she's going back and forth between not talking about her feelings and saving lives. There is an outfit change at one point, but that could just be to confuse the poor man even more (the love lives of Mer's friends makes up a complicated web). Meredith tells him she finally got her annoying friends to leave while she flashes back to Christina leaving, her husband leaving, her mom leaving. There's a theme here, and that theme is poor, poor Meredith gets left a lot.
On the operating table, brave teen's new rib-cage section won't quite fit "like a fitted sheet" which is a horrifying metaphor, and she starts to code. But the surgery is a success! No dead patients tonight! In another operating room, Hunt and Riggs work perfectly together, then dissolve into a fight when the patient is stable, because you can't expect this big a mystery/conflict to be fixed in one episode.
Fast "sex in the elevator" music in the final minutes of the episode means someone's making out, or a lot of people are going to look at each other like they want to make out, and Grey's doesn't disappoint —Webber realizes his daughter and DeLuca are hooking up (MVP expression of the night), Penny and Callie kiss in a stairwell, and Meredith realizes she doesn't want to be alone (which she hasn't really been since season two, but that's not important). Next week, we remember exactly how emotionally invested we are in Jackson and April, probably just before they break up!

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