This Is The Coffee Upgrade We’ve All Been Waiting For

Photo: Courtesy of La Colombe.
Over the summer, we wrote about the seriously delicious draft latte from La Colombe. It's a take on the cold brew on tap trend, except it's a full-on frothy iced latte on tap, complete with milk microfoam. (Say that five times fast.) The founder of La Colombe, Todd Carmichael, has now come up with an even kookier innovation that might just change coffee drinking as we know it. He figured out a way to put his draft latte into a can. That might not sound all that exciting, but the contraption is specially designed so when you pop it open, it actually tastes exactly like the on-tap version — frothy microfoam and all.
We were pretty surprised when we got a chance to try the beverage, because this really isn't your average bottled Joe. Plus, the cans stay good at room temperature for 180 days or you can refrigerate them if you prefer to drink them cold. We're probably not going to stop drinking fresh coffee or lattes anytime soon, but this is a great fix when we don't have time wait in line our make ourselves a caffeinated beverage.
The cans officially go on sale at select La Colombe locations and on the company's website on March 1. It's $9.99 for a four-pack, which is approximately $2.50 a can — cheaper than a lot of fancy lattes out there. Who knows — if they save us all a trip out of the house and some money, canned coffees might just become the new normal!

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