This Chopsticks Hack Is EVERYTHING

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Update: We just ordered sushi for lunch and couldn't wait to try out the hack below. Spoiler alert: We found it nearly impossible to break off the the top of the chopsticks. A coworker suggested that the best way to store takeout chopsticks while we're eating is to fold up the wrapper into a paper version of a mini utensil stand. Check out this video to see how it's done.
This story was originally published on February 15, 2016
If you're not already a pro, using chopsticks can be a tough skill to learn. So for a tip on that front, we're big fans of the rubber band approach. But if you've mastered the utensils, you know that sometimes, you need to put them down. If you put them back into your food container, one of them always falls out onto the floor. Alternatively, if you put them all the way into the container, they end up covered in sauce and your hand gets all sticky.
As it turns out, there's been a built-in fix to our disposable chopstick woes all along. We just never realized it until we saw this amazing Instagram photo (below) on Buzzfeed. All you have to do is break off the very top part of your takeout chopsticks and use them as a little chopstick rest. That way, nothing gets dirty, no chopsticks hit the floor, and you can enjoy your food without incident. Now, we just need a plastic fork equivalent!

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