Lessons In Layering From The Streets Of New York City

There are two different types of layering: layering because you want to, and layering because you have to. And with temperatures officially in the teens in New York City, most Fashion Week attendees have found themselves resorting to the latter.
In a sea full of (typically black) hats, scarves, gloves, coats, and boots, standing out requires creativity and skill. By opting for furry accents and bold, colorblocked jackets as well as utilizing socks and tights as statement accessories (while doubling as additional insulators), it is possible to look fire…even when it's too-cold-to-text outside. Plus, layering (especially in an unexpected way) is the key to cold-weather sartorial success — just look at the outfits in the slideshow ahead.
As it turns out (unsurprisingly), the fashion set knows how to make some crazy-cool clothing combinations when they're forced to pile on as much as possible. Wearing a sweater over a jacket, rather than under? Absolutely. Two coats instead of one? You bet. Now is the time to break the style rules, and what better way to start than by pulling inspiration from the bundled-up (but still totally major) outfits ahead? Sorry, Jack Frost, but you've got nothing on New York Fashion Week.