Why Is The Internet Obsessed With What This Woman Eats?

Photo: Courtesy of Moon Juice.
In May 2015, Amanda Chantal Bacon, who owns L.A. juice shop Moon Juice, published a food diary on Elle.com. Eight months later, the internet is still making fun of her for it. But why do her food choices seem so mockable?
A Jezebel headline on Bacon's food log explains the author's take on the post, "I Have Never Heard of, Much Less Eaten, Any of the Food in this Juice Lady's Diary." It's true Bacon likes her somewhat obscure supplements and meal add-ons, including the "Brain Dust, cordyceps, reishi, maca, and Shilajit resin" included in her breakfast alone. But I've eaten and enjoyed something called "Itzakadoozie," so I know that sometimes unfamiliar names can mark delicious food choices.
Then there's the potential price tag of her supermarket shopping list. Jarrett Sleeper, an actor in L.A., broke down exactly what it would cost Bacon to stock her kitchen with everything she ate in a day, and with $48 reishi and $35 vanilla mushroom protein, the grand total came to over $1,200.
A knee-jerk reaction to Bacon's log could be that she considers herself above the rest of us. But her account of her diet is very personal and never prescriptive. What we think of her choices is kind of irrelevant, right? So let her live in peace with her micro cilantro. After all, she's not mocking our peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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