Is Netflix Taking A Big Risk With This Hitler Comedy?

Photo: Courtesy of Constantin Films.
Using Hitler in comedy isn't totally unheard of. The Producers' "Springtime for Hitler" is one of musical theater's classic comedic songs. And Hitler is frequently the butt of jokes on Family Guy. But Look Who's Back, a 2015 film Netflix has just bought the global rights to, focuses solely on one of the world's most hated figures.
Look Who's Back, which portrays Hitler waking up in present-day Europe, was released in Germany last year. It was based on a 2012 novel of the same name by Timur Vermes. The film was extremely successful, bringing in over $21 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to the acted narrative, the film features unscripted moments in the style of Borat and Brüno.
Netflix's audience has often had access to controversial films and shows, but it could offend some subscribers by offering a film with such a flippant take on a man responsible for a genocide. The film will be available to Netflix subscribers on April 9.

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