Maid Of Honor Gives The Most Epic Wedding Toast, Ever

A woman in England just raised the bar for every future maid of honor.
Rachel Winterbottom toasted her sister, Hayley, and new brother-in-law, Paul O'Brien, by creating a custom rap set to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." Yes, you read that correctly.

At the start of her speech, Winterbottom asked the crowd if she should "incorporate [her] maid of honor toast into a workout" or "sing the toast." The audience was opposed to both ideas, but the impromptu rapper was undeterred.
"I can't sing," she admitted before turning to her sister, the bride. "But what I can do, Hayley, is rap." Then, in classic hip-hop form, Winterbottom told the DJ to "drop that beat!"
It was amazing, to say the least. She rapped about love, playfully ribbed the groom about marriage, and told the happy couple that the "stars aligned from up above" to bring them together.

The couple was overjoyed as they smiled, laughed, and clapped along. After the musical number, the sisters embraced as the crowd gave them both a standing ovation.
This maid of honor gave her sister a wedding memory that will last forever. Future maids of honor, let's see if you can top it.

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