The Clarisonic Just Got An Adorable Makeover

The Clarisonic brush has developed a strong fan base among skin-care enthusiasts, acne sufferers, and Keith Haring fans alike. Though people often praise it for its deep-cleansing, skin-clearing abilities, you never hear them raving over its chic design (even when it's covered in little Pop-Art people). The gourd-shaped device may be ergonomic, but it doesn't blend seamlessly into a bathroom shelf, tuck away easily into a carry-on, or just look SO damn cute — that is, until now. Clarisonic has launched the Mia Fit, a — may we say — adorable sonic cleansing brush for "on-the-go" women that retails for $189. Clarisonic has gone smaller before, originally with the Mia (which still lived in squash-shape territory) and the Alpha Fit, which the company markets to men. This new product mirrors the guy version in its perfect hold-in-the-palm-of-your-hand shape, but has a different brush head and comes in pink, white, or blue instead of chrome. (For the record, we think the ladies would appreciate a darker color option, too.) Like the Alpha, it has two settings: a delicate cleanse to use for 60 seconds when you want to simply clean off the day's impurities, and an 80-second power cleanse for after workouts or when wearing heavy-duty makeup. Even with its compact look, the Mia Fit has the same brush size and benefits (the brand claims its brushes to be six times more effective than using just your hands) as its larger devices — you can even swap its Radiance brush (it also comes with the Radiance cleanser) for any of its other brush options (Deep Pore, Acne, Sensitive, etc.). Aside from its petite size, there are a few things that make the Mia Fit different from the Clarisonic you may already own. First, it stands upright, so you can tuck it right between your cleanser and moisturizer bottles without it taking up much space. We predict people won't use it just for traveling — the small size makes it ideal for any apartment situation (and again, adorable). Second, it has a USB charger, so you can just plug it into your laptop to charge if you do want to throw it in your travel or gym bag.

Mia Fit, $189, available at

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