4 Ridiculous Things People Are Actually Saying About Zika Virus

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images.
The now infamous Zika virus has only just begun to make its way to the U.S., but myths about the virus are spreading far more rapidly. Luckily, infectious disease expert Tara C. Smith, PhD, is on the case. And over at her blog, Aetiology, she's outlined a few of the craziest Zika conspiracy theories — and why they're totally wrong. 1. We can blame the current Zika outbreak on genetically modified mosquitoes.
Apparently, some people believe the outbreak is due to genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil and engineered to need an antibiotic to actually survive out in the wild. But even though those genetically modified mosquitoes actually do exist, "There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense to relate this to Zika," Dr. Smith writes.
2. The rise in Brazilian babies born with microcephaly is actually due to the Tdap vaccine somehow.
That a real human person actually registered the URL "brazilianshrunkenheadbabies.wordpress.com" pretty much says it all. But aside from the questionable source, Dr. Smith notes this is highly unlikely because the Tdap vaccine isn't recommended until very late in pregnancy when brain and skull development is all wrapped up. Sorry to burst your bubble, anti-vaxxers.
3. "Rockefeller something something bioterrorism something, maybe."
According to this theory, the Zika outbreak was intentionally caused by someone. This one lacks any followable evidence, Dr. Smith claims. 4. The "outbreak" is a cleverly-designed ploy to make us all get a Zika vaccine, I guess?
Dr. Smith traces this one back to none other than Jon Rappaport, notorious anti-vaxxer and HIV denier. At least he's consistent? To learn more about where these theories came from — and get a thorough debunking for each one — we highly suggest you check out the full post here.

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