Watch Finnick Odair & Khaleesi Fall In Love

Do you love following all the romance and heartbreak experienced by Game of Thrones' Khalessi and The Hunger Games' Finnick, but wish the franchises skipped all the violence? Hollywood has heard the cries of fan-fiction crossover enthusiasts, and have cast the mother of dragons (Emilia Clarke) and the Games' cutest tribute (Sam Clafin) in a Nicholas Sparks-esque romance, with lots of longing stares and (most likely) no hand-to-hand combat.

Me Before You
is based on the book of the same name written by Jojo Moyes. The film follows Louisa (Clarke), a twentysomething free spirit (you can tell she's truly, charmingly different because of her nontraditional tight choices) who becomes a caregiver for Will (Clafin), a man who has recently become a quadriplegic. They fall in love, but — twist! There are obstacles. Obstacles that cause frantic yet slow-motion races to the hospital. Will the couple live happily ever after, or, in the spirit of a Sparks film, will tragedy separate them, but leave one of them forever changed for the better?

Me Before You
will hit theaters on July 7. Watch the trailer, below.

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