These Are The Most (& Least) “Sinful” Cities In The U.S.

Looking to move to a city that's chock full of debauchery? Trulia has you covered. Using the seven deadly sins as a rubric, the real estate site has rounded up the most sinful — and saintly — cities in the U.S. How exactly do you rank cities by sin? Well, you could start by eavesdropping on confessional booths. But Trulia found an easier way — by looking at metrics that could correlate with sins, like gambling (greed) and violent crime (wrath). Then, after ranking by individual sin, all seven were added up, creating a list of the most and least sinful cities in America. It might not be very scientific, but it's kind of fun to see the results:
Illustration Courtesy of Trulia.
Hardly surprising to Mardi Gras revelers, New Orleans comes in at number one as the most sinful city, followed by Atlantic City, NJ, and then Philadelphia. These cities have an above average share of gamblers, binge drinkers, and smokers. New Orleans alone has three times more adult entertainment establishments than the national average. And the least sinful? Provo, UT, which has zero gambling establishments, and a population that gives to charities at twice the national average. Oh, and they are also more likely to exercise, meaning they're not victim to sloth. For the full list of the homes of America’s greatest sinners and saints, as well as how cities rank by individual vice, check out the study on Trulia’s blog.

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