In 1995, Jennifer Aniston Thought She Was The Least Popular Friend

Back in March 1995, a popular new show called Friends was just winding down its successful first season. Oprah was still the queen of daytime TV. And Jennifer Aniston could still walk down the street like a normal human being. In a surreal blast from the past, BuzzFeed recently dug up some funny and sweet clips from an interview the entire Friends cast did with Oprah in the spring of '95. The show was already a huge hit, but nobody — nope, not even Oprah — knew just how huge a phenomenon it would become, spawning 10 seasons, millions of fans, and six beloved characters worthy of a spot in America's pop culture canon.
Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt LeBlanc were all new to stardom, and their first sit-down with Oprah is both endearing and hilarious. Jennifer Aniston especially didn't seem to understand the magnitude of the fame her turn as Rachel would bring her. In fact, she thought she was the least popular one on the show! When Oprah asked Aniston if her life had changed much since the sitcom premiered that fall, Aniston said, more or less, that it hadn't. "You know, I haven't felt... I still just go to work every day," she said. "I mean there are people on the street, but I don't get it as much as these guys. I don't know why," the actress continued, laughing. "I haven't felt this sort of — I haven't been bombarded by people, and I don't feel it has changed my life that much."

The only thing Aniston said was different? "Job security... I can buy a house if I want to," she added, smiling. Little did the starlet know she'd go on to earn enough cash to buy a new million-dollar pad with every episode she filmed.

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