Rooney & Kate Mara Share Their Very Different Pregaming Styles At The SAG Awards

PHOTO: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Rooney and Kate Mara may be football royalty, but the sisters have very different pregaming styles. Case in point: Kate told E! that when she met up with Rooney before the SAG Awards to get ready for the red carpet, her little sister was lounging in a robe with her feet in the jacuzzi. Kate said she popped a bottle of Champagne at some point, but Rooney decided not to partake. That left more for Kate — who said she drank a lot of it. How much is a lot, you ask? "Well, a lot for me is a couple of glasses. Two glasses," Kate said. "That's a lot, right?" Rooney, on the other hand, said she was saving herself for the actual show. "I had a few sips," she said. "I'm going to drink in there. I have to pace myself."

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