This Woman Tried The "Gilmore Girls Diet" — & The Results Will Surprise You

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock.
We've never cared much for diets, but we're fascinated by a new so-called "diet" that's recently popped up online.

Lauren Valenti, an editor at Marie Claire, spent a week on what she's calling the "Gilmore Girls diet," and documented her experience on Instagram and in an article for the mag. This isn't your average food plan — in her story, Valenti describes the program as "eating all things Gilmore, which includes but is not limited to: tall stacks of pancakes, Chinese takeout (and leftovers), Pop-Tarts, burritos, pizza, Mallomars, and, yes, Friday night dinner."

Basically, the "Gilmore Girls diet" involves throwing caution to the wind and eating whatever you want — just like Lorelai and Rory do.

For her first Gilmore-inspired food challenge, Valenti visited a diner, in honor of Luke's Diner, and ordered chicken fingers and coffee. The following days included similar feasts of "unhealthy" foods, including Pop-Tarts, hot chocolate, and a burger and fries.

Although Valenti reported actually losing 2 pounds on the so-called diet, she quickly recognized that TV-inspired menus aren't always realistic. On the fourth day of the challenge, Valenti says she developed several pimples in addition to "processed-food fatigue." When Valenti started craving whole foods, she forced herself to eat more junk food, because "healthier" meals are "not an option" on the "Gilmore Girls diet."

While we're all for eating what makes you happy, Valenti's experiment shows that you can definitely have too much of a good thing. Plus, as she notes in the story, Lorelai and Rory hardly ever finish their on-screen meals, so even they aren't indulging as much as the show would have you believe. Check out Valenti's full experiment over at Marie Claire.

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