Would You Do This Revealing Role In Emily Blunt's Movie For Less Than $1,000?

Photo: Wil Corpus/WBTV via Getty Images.
Most people want their 15 minutes of fame.

But, would you be willing to do this stimulating role in Emily Blunt's newest movie, The Girl On The Train?

The following casting notice was sent out earlier this week, Page Six reported.

Male or Female Nude & Masturbating ($906)

Seeking the following . . . Male or Female, 20s-50s . . . Possibly interested in a heavy-set woman but all types can apply. Must Be Willing To Be Completely Nude On Camera And Simulating Masturbation. Only submit if you are comfortable with this type of situation.

The auditions take place Friday, Jan. 28, according to the thespian group the site obtained the notice from. And apparently, the compensation of $906 is the same as what unionized stunt performers are paid. I guess it is sort of a stunt?

I personally have read the book (you should too!), but don't quite remember that being a pivotal moment in the story. But Hollywood wants what Hollywood wants.

Good luck to all the willing auditionees.

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