You Can Buy Big Mac Sauce By The Bottle — But There’s A Catch

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
Update: After Australia's limited-edition, reasonably priced McDonald's special sauce sold out in mere minutes, it looks like we're back to our regularly scheduled programming of super-pricey bottles being sold on eBay. Just how pricey? A bottle in England just sold for a whopping 65,900 pounds — that's over $90,000. As Eater points out, that makes special sauce, as a commodity, more pricey than gold. The bottle in question was being sold for charity, and McDonalds U.K. is still confirming whether the bid was real.
This story was originally published on January 26, 2016.
Big Mac fans, we have some good news…and some bad news. If the refrain "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions — on a sesame seed bun” makes you crave more special sauce and less of the rest of the stuff, you may have a reason to book a flight to Australia. McDonald’s is selling its special sauce by the bottle, Brand Eating reports, available only Down Under. It’s a total deal, at just $4.95 a pop (not including airfare) — but there’s another catch. McDonald’s Australia is only selling 4,000 of the bottles in 40 of its locations. This is the second time the chain has bottled up its sauce there: in 2014, the limited-edition bottles were listed for as much as $18,000 on eBay. Short on cash? Don’t despair — DIY. There have been plenty of imitations of the recipe floating around online for years, and McDonald's actually provided its own at-home version in 2012.

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