Chris Pine Jokes He’s A “Stay-At-Home Dad” In Wonder Woman, Why Is That A Bad Thing?

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.
Jimmy Kimmel is pretty good at entertaining an audience, but he may want to consider leaving his own underlying sexism out of his next celebrity interview. Chris Pine appeared as a recent guest on his show, and the two began talking about Pine's upcoming role in a highly anticipated superhero movie, Wonder Woman, due out in 2017. First, Kimmel asked Pine if he was playing Wonder Woman. (How hilarious he is.) Because apparently, it is really disorienting to assume that the audience would immediately understand and appreciate that the main hero of the film is a strong, fearless, ass-kicking woman. Pine corrects him by saying he plays Steve Trevor, the boyfriend of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and her "better half." "There's a Mr. Wonder Woman?" Kimmel asked. "I didn't know that!" "I'm like, a stay-at-home dad," Pine joked. "What is it like to play a superhero's boyfriend?" Kimmel jeered. "It's great!" Pine responded. "Do you have powers?" Kimmel asked, clearly hung up on why Pine would take this role if he, as a man, didn't get the most face time or the best powers. "None! Absolutely none!" "Who talked you into this?!" Kimmel asked, seemingly shocked that Pine would agree to such a demure character — the kind that women are stuck playing a large majority of the time. Pine tries to regain control of the conversation again, explaining that the leading lady, Gal Gadot, is "fantastic and doing a wonderful and remarkable job." But Kimmel eventually interrupts, comparing the action sequences and narrative plot of the film to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, asking Pine if the directors used the reality shows "as a model." Why the constant need to stereotype the film, just because the main character is a woman? Kimmel's interview questions were distracting and regressive. Perhaps he could check those stale sexist jokes at the door next time. Or Wonder Woman might just have to check them for him. Watch the clip below.

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