Facebook Shares Everything It Knows About Your Money

Photo by Rockie Nolan.
Millennials consistently get a bad rap for being lazy, self-centered, and financially irresponsible. But new data released today from Facebook suggests quite the opposite — at least when it comes to our generation's relationship with money.

"Cautious (some would say excessively so) and remarkably responsible, millennials are diligent in paying down debt, careful with credit cards, and dedicated to accumulating savings," reads the introduction of a new study, "Millennials + Money: The Unfiltered Journey."

Researchers focused on working-age millennials (21-34), and found that 86% are saving money, 57% prefer to pay with cash, and a whopping 53% are unsure where to get good financial advice. They aren't turning to banks, that's for sure — with just 8% trusting those traditional institutions for money management education.

We're also redefining what it means to be financially successful: 21% of millennials say owning a home is an indicator and only 13% think it's important to be able to retire. It's not so surprising with two-thirds of our generation carrying some kind of large, long-term debt (student loan, mortgage, or credit card), that our biggest goal is to pay down those loans and enjoy life debt-free.

Surely, this new data won't dispel all the negative myths about millennials and money — and perhaps it won't even convince banks to be smarter in the way they market to our generation. (Which isn't so wise on their part, since Facebook found that one in two 21- to 34-year-olds on Facebook are making over $75,000 a year, putting them in the affluent category.) But it should give you more confidence in your own skills. We're paying down debt and saving for the future, and we're open to learning more. Not sure where to start? Check our advice on saving for retirement or getting your financial life in order. And let us know in the comments if you have a financial question hanging over your head — we'll do our best to answer it.


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