Degrassi: Next Class Has A Major Gilmore Girls Crossover

Photo: Peter Brooker/REX Shutterstock.
Degrassi, the teen drama that has been teaching young people about sex, drugs, and Drake since the early '80s, released its latest incarnation, Degrassi: Next Class, on Netflix last month. Within the 10 episodes filled with every parent's nightmares is a story line tied to a different legendary TV series— Gilmore Girls.
As Vulture points out, rather than peppering an episode with GG references (which, in and of itself would be a Gilmore homage), this season's sixth episode features a plot about a teenager named Zoe who believes her biological father could be real-life actor David Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe played Christopher, the reason Rory will probably never have a great relationship with men. Zoe's reason for her bio-dad theory, other than the resemblance between Sutcliffe and herself? Her mom was an extra on Gilmore Girls.
Beyond creating the best possible idea for a reality show, the crossover proves there's definitely a Degrassi demographic that overlaps Gilmore Girl's audience (which also might be headed back to Netflix for a reboot). With all of GG available to stream on the platform, it's possible there are twentysomething fans of the mother-daughter dramedy also watching Degrassi: Next Class for the nostalgia factor, as well as teens who are discovering Degrassi and Gilmore Girls for the first time. I just wish they had cast another GG actress as Zoe's mom to further fuel her Sutcliffe speculation. Wouldn't it be amazing to suggest there was behind-the-scenes romance between Christopher and Miss Patty?

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