McDonald's Has Created The Fry Mash-up You Always Wanted

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
French fries are the kind of glorious bits of crunchy starch that don't really need to be improved upon. But that doesn't stop the casual foodie from dipping fries in milkshakes. How else can you achieve that mix of salty and sweet? Now, McDonald's is making that flavor pairing even easier to get with McChoco Potatoes. That's right, McDonald's is drizzling its fries in chocolate sauce.
Unfortunately, this new item will only be available to McDonald's customers in Japan. But those lucky patrons will be able to enjoy white-chocolate and cacao-flavored sauces on their fries. Even if you can't pop over to Japan to get your very own order of McChoco Potatoes, they should serve as inspiration for the next time you're looking for potential fry condiments in your fridge. McChoco Potatoes will be hitting McDonald's menus in Japan on January 26.

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