This Male Model Is More Kramer Than Derek Zoolander

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
Male model John Hein defies every stereotype that comes with the title: He was discovered at a flea market when he was 22 (which is much older than most models when they're scouted), he doesn't really care about social media (even though his Instagram is laugh-out-loud-worthy), and he actually prefers to be behind the camera, rather than in front of it.

But despite his claims that he "doesn't know shit" about modeling, there's no denying his success. Ever stepped foot in a Uniqlo? You might have seen him there. Have you strolled through Adidas? Yup, there too. But his latest score is a pretty big one: Calvin Klein's watch and jewelry spring/summer 2016 #CKMINUTE campaign, which he shares with his model-girlfriend Tilda Lindstam (plus Zoë Kravitz and her mother, Lisa Bonet, among others).

When talking about time with Hein, however, it's hard for him to focus. Sure, the shoot was fun. Sure, spending time with his girlfriend on a beach was nice, but there was one thing he kept referring back to: Seinfeld. For you die-hard Hein fans out there, this comes as no surprise. But for you newbies about to fall hard, hear us out.

The quickest way to describe Hein in Seinfeld characters is Kramer, because he makes a hell of an entrance, meets George, because he's the perfect mix of cynicism and sheer joie de vivre, meets Elaine, because his dance moves are enough to make anyone cringe (in the best way). All of this might be why the guy's got over 10,000 followers on Instagram with only a little over 500 posts.

But funnily enough — as he's about to gain a lot more fans thanks to his latest modeling endeavor — Hein couldn't care less about fame. And when he describes how to deal with it, it's Seinfeld (once again) that he looks to. "Everyone should watch Seinfeld more. They'll be happier," he says. "Everything can be a joke. You can make a joke out of anything. It's taught me that it's okay when people make fun of me; that's good. And not in a bullying way, but that's just how you can get along with some people sometimes. We can make fun of each other, but the most important thing is to be able to make fun of yourself."

If his Instagram is any indication, it seems that Hein knows how to do that just fine. Don't believe us? Just check out his impression of Jim Carrey from The Mask. It's...a treat.
Video: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.

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