Making A Murderer Family Member Drops “They Didn’t Do It” Rap Song

If you were looking for a rap song that could slake your thirst for more Making a Murderer-related media, look no further. Brendan Dassey’s half brother, Brad, has released a rap song called “They Didn’t Do It” and it’s...well, give it a listen and judge for yourself.
With a chorus of “they didn’t do it, they didn’t do it,” and, “not a fair trial, not a fair game, whole thing’s whack just a lying shame,” the song is sure to be a megasmash. Oh, and let’s not leave out, “stick to the facts, leave alone Mr. Kratz. Dude was trying to run, trying to hide. Ran to Minnesota give the guy a soda.” Quite a wordsmith. In a way the rhyme style reminds me of this exchange from Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. “The way he rhymed gate with late was genius. And if you can’t see that it’s something wrong with you.” Tell 'em Dave. The song comes in the wake of disappointing news that President Obama will not be able to grant Brendan and uncle Steve Avery pardons since they are state, not federal, prisoners. Meanwhile, Avery has filed his own appeal alleging that the police planted evidence when they had access to Teresa Halbach’s vehicle.

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