Can We Talk About Jacob Tremblay’s Hot Dad For A Second?

Young actor Jacob Tremblay, who starred in Room, is adorable. But his foxy dad might have stolen some of the red carpet spotlight at the 2016 Golden Globes. This is not a drill, you guys. The senior Tremblay is a superbabe. We have undeniable evidence.
Also of import: This father is a police detective. (Be still, our beating hearts.) And this isn't the first time young Tremblay's dear old dad has graced the red carpet. Apparently, he's been out and about with his little boy with some consistency as of late. How could we possibly have missed this?
Here's one more look at the dapper duo:
Photo: David Livingston/Getty.
Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of both Tremblay dudes soon enough!

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