We’re Super Excited About These Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Details

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.
We already know that season 2 of the newly beloved Netflix Series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is going to be filled with tons of drama. But there's new news on the Kimmy Schmidt front this week that has us more psyched than ever for the series' return this spring. "We find Titus being more readily available to decalcify," actor Tituss Burgess recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly, regarding his character's evolution. "He has to come to terms with some stuff, and you’ll find out in the first episode how and why he made the exit, and that just explains so much. There are a lot of layers to this man to peel off, because it’s not just this false sense of fabulousness. It is a protective armor, so we find him having to undo what he has worked so hard to do.” Titus is also likely to find love this season — but not in the stereotypical packaging we've come to expect. "I was slow to greet, with open arms, the type of guys that were introduced as possible love interests for Titus in season 1. The story that I know, or that I’ve experienced — and the story of all of my peers who are in my likeness — choose a different type of man, and it is not the 28-inch-waist, six-pack-y type of guy," Burgess explained to EW. "There is an otherness going on, something that is rooted and grounded in the everyday man, if you will, and where although the exterior may be perfectly aesthetically pleasing, it is not what the attraction is built on.” We're looking forward to finding out exactly what that translates to on the small screen.

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