Ronda Rousey Poses In A Painted-On Swimsuit For “Sports Illustrated”

It's been confirmed that MMA fighter (and Pokemon enthusiast) Ronda Rousey will appear in this year's swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. The swimsuit in question, however, will consist of only body paint.

MJ Day
, a Sports Illustrated editor, posted a picture of Rousey in the aforementioned "swimsuit" to Instagram earlier this week, teasing her ensemble. The painted-on suit was inspired by a We Are Handsome one-piece, and it's surprisingly convincing — even from the, er, close-up angle of Day's photo.
In a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, Rousey describes her overwhelming excitement to be in the magazine — an achievement that rivals only appearing on the front of a Wheaties box — and she discusses what she hopes to accomplish by posing in body paint swimwear. "I really do believe that there shouldn't be just one cookie-cutter body type that everyone is aspiring to be," she says. (Amen, sister.) Of course, Rousey is about as fit and able-bodied as they come, but it's heartening to hear her platform to encourage body positivity in, of all places, the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. But while we appreciate Rousey's body positivity and general badassery, we wouldn't put her on too high of a pedestal — some of her past comments have felt a little woman shame-y, particularly when it comes to her opponent Holly Holm. It is not without reservation that we cheer her on, but we still do to an extent, especially for her openness about feeling a little silly posing in a not-there-at-all swimsuit.

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