Harry Potter Characters With Acne Are So Relatable

Photo: Kristi Olberding/ Landry Taylor.
Needless to say, the magical world of Harry Potter is not real. (Although, there's no shame in wishing you got that acceptance letter to Hogwarts on your 11th birthday.) But you know what is real? Acne.

One Distractify writer, Landry Taylor, decided to take one harsh truth of puberty (ahem, going out in public with a major breakout) and combine it with the fantasy realm of Harry Potter.

The side-by-side comparison photos of the wizards acne-free, and then covered in zits are pretty crazy. Just because they're gifted wizards doesn't mean they shouldn't experience the trials and tribulations of growing up, right? Rowling knew that, though. The pesky red bumps did in fact make an appearance a few times in the books — remember Eloise Midgen?

So, yeah, pimples suck. But it is humbling to see them on some of your favorite fictional characters. It makes the whole premise of the movie seem a lot more relatable. And they don't even look half bad. They just look, well, like normal teenagers. See for yourself.

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