Periods Aren't That Gross — JK, They Totally Are, According To CollegeHumor

Guys, we get it. Having to deal with women on their periods is hard and confusing. What exactly is happening to their bodies? Why are they so moody around that time of the month? Well never fear, CollegeHumor is here to make you feel more informed and at ease about a biological process that doesn't happen to you!

First off, even though menstruation produces buckets of blood per hour, don't worry about our well-being. "The only threat to a woman's health during their period is that all the blood in the toilet will attack snakes and alligators that live in the sewers up the pipes," one woman explains. "That's why women go to the bathroom in groups, to fight off the gators!" adds another. The more you know, right?

It's also important to understand why women menstruate, which is, of course, because each one of us has an evil demon inside our bodies that draws its life force from our blood. Don't you feel a little better? Now, the next time you think to yourself, Wow, someone's PMSing, remember to let her off the hook. It's just Baelweazun Man-mar acting up again.

Watch the video above for all of the comforting details.

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