Lady Edith’s Most Depressing Moments, In GIF Form

Lady Edith is the punching bag of Downton Abbey. Sure, when the show began way back in 2010, she was sort of the villain, ratting out her sister Mary over that incident involving the late Mr. Pamuk. (RIP, beautiful Turk.) But the show has not been kind to Edith, even though at some point she probably deserved to catch a break.
Here are some of the events that befall Edith. Edith is dumped at the altar by her much older fiancée in front of her entire family. Edith's new love, Michael Gregson, goes missing. Edith then discovers she's pregnant with his baby, but isn't allowed to raise it herself.
On Jan. 3, the last season of Downton began airing in the U.S. on PBS. (Those lucky people over in Britain have already seen the entire thing.) We hope that Edith finds happiness in the final episodes. Still, in order to bid farewell to our favorite sad sack, we are reliving some of her saddest moments — in GIF form — and grading them on a scale of 1 to 10. (The higher the number, the sadder the moment.)

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