Dove Holiday Chocolates Recalled
Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re checking the list once, twice, or never — if it’s not on the list, you’ll never know. That’s why Dove is recalling bags of assorted chocolate after customers reported finding unexpected ingredients.

The company is issuing a voluntary recall of the 24-oz bag of Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes because of possibilities that the bag may accidentally contain unlabeled allergens. The bags may hold pieces of Snickers, Milky Way, or Twix bars in addition to the plain chocolate listed on the ingredients label. The additional candy items contain peanuts, wheat, and eggs that could cause serious allergic reactions. Mars Chocolate, the parent company for Dove, produces all three additional candy bars, as well as M&M's and Skittles.

The FDA recall says that the mix-up was found by a customer who unwrapped a piece of Snickers instead of the expected chocolate. While there have been no injuries or adverse reactions reported yet, if you have serious allergies, it pays to be safe. You can check the FDA recall to see the specific lot numbers affected and how to return the candy.

The upside? If you don’t have any allergies, you’re home free, as there’s no other problem with the candy. Just be extra careful with sharing. You’ll never have such a good excuse to keep all the chocolate for yourself.

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