Do Jellyfish Make The Best Pets? This Kickstarter Says Yes

REX Shutterstock
If you’re looking for the hippest lava lamp replacement you can possibly dream of, Jellyfish Art have your back.

In a new Kickstarter, Medusozoa impresario Alex Andon offers an upgrade on current jellyfish aquariums with the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium. The Nano Aquarium improves on an old desktop design by enclosing the jellyfish in a more stylish casing and enabling the water itself to be colored via an LCD light. Which looks pretty awesome, we must admit.

The backing packages start at $150, but in order to get jellyfish you’ll need to pony up at least $250. That gets you three jellyfish and a tank, due to ship in April of next year.

The project has been funded many times over — $472,332 on a $50,000 goal — but if you want your tank by April you’ll have to order within the next 52 hours.

This could be the perfect gift to lighten up your dorm room, or just to give to the invertebrate sea creature enthusiast in your life. Just try not to get stung.

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