Taylor Swift Slays Even In Middle School Throwback Picture

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX Shutterstock.
Quick reminder: Taylor Swift has been running the music game since 2001. Dan Hauk, a former classmate of the singer, tweeted a #tbt picture of the two of them in a school production of the musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Swift is 12 years old in the photo and looks adorably awkward. She stands in front of Hauk, wearing a printed baby blue dress with a matching blue headband in an innocent, pre-"Bad Blood" pose. Hauk stands behind her in a wonderful checkered vest, and holds the classic prom pose. They both are trying to act very chill, but the picture just screams middle school. Boy, have we all been there.

"If I get enough RT, you think @taylorswift13 will help me recreate this pic of us as Kim McAfee & Hugo Peabody? #tbt," Hauk tweeted.
Photo: via @danhauk

Swift hasn't retweeted yet, but when she does, I hope Hauk is prepared for the hundreds of new Swiftie followers he is about to have.

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