A Total Genius Made A Pizza Version Of A Gingerbread House

Photo: Courtesy of Alex Robinson/Thrillist
Apologies in advance if this incites internet rage, but I don't really like gingerbread houses. Probably because I'm totally incapable of making one that looks presentable. My attempts at gingerbread houses have pretty much always been major Pinterest fails. But, I'm ready to take on the challenge for the most amazing gingerbread house I've ever seen. And it's not even made out of gingerbread — it's made out of PIZZA! It's the wondrous creation of Carrie Dennis, a staffer at Thrillist. Yes, she managed to build a quaint-looking home using only pizza and pizza toppings. The result is an edible masterpiece. And to sweeten the deal, there are even step-by-step photo instructions for us to follow on Thrillist. The only problem is, unlike gingerbread, a pizza house definitely won't keep for weeks on end. This might qualify as one of those things we would unabashedly do in the name of cool points and Instagram likes.

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