“Mean Tweets” Is Back With Daniel Radcliffe & Viola Davis

'Tis the season to be jolly? Not over on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Wednesday's show served another hilariously nasty dose of "Mean Tweets."
The latest installment of celebrities reading cruel tweets about themselves saw Kurt Russell being told his face is made of aged denim, Daniel Radcliffe compared unfavorably to an aardvark, and both Sean Penn and Colin Farrell likened to farts. Don't take it personally, guys. According to the Twittersphere, Matthew Perry has a large head, Kirsten Dunst's teeth are basically "TicTacs throwing gang signs," and Michael B. Jordan's moustache looks like a feather duster. Oh, and Viola Davis's breasts resemble a butt. Harsh.
Lake Bell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julianna Margulies, Jordana Brewster, Key and Peele, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Banks, and Jason Schwartzman were also subjected to cruel taunts targeting everything from their hair to their acting abilities to their rock star father's likeness to a "ball sack." Most laughed it off, but Sarah Paulson was not having it. We'd share her response to a tweet saying she's annoying when she yells/cries/talks/exists, but the foul-mouthed tirade was bleeped out. You tell 'em, girl.

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