This Interview With Lupita Nyong'o Is So Frustrating (It's Not Her Fault, Though)

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock
Repeat after us: Lupita Nyong'o cannot answer your questions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This morning on Good Morning America, another hopeful fan and morning show host, Robin Roberts, tried to get Nyong'o to reveal details about her role in the new movie. But, since the film has arguably the most secretive plot of all time, this line of questioning is beginning to seem pretty futile. As Roberts herself pointed out after introducing Nyong'o, neither of them have even seen the movie in full.

"Like the rest of us, you haven't seen the entire film," Roberts said. "How's it been? Having to keep everything so secretive?"

"Easy. Really easy. You just don't say anything." Touché, Lupita.

After a few laughs, Roberts tried again.

"Your eyes have different types of powers, do they not?"

"Hmmm... Hm," Nyong'o said, avoiding eye contact with the host.

"By the way your eyes are looking at me now, we will take that as a 'No Comment.'"

No comment, indeed. They both had to default to talking about the technology used in the filming process, filling the void of unanswerable questions with broad statements about the diversity of Nyong'o's career as a whole.

Nyong'o told us in an interview earlier this week that she had grown up watching the Star Wars movies. So, clearly, she respects the film and honors the classified nature of the story line. She's probably anticipating the days until the movie's release (December 18) as much as we are, so she can start actually participating in interviews again. But if I were her, I'd be hiding underneath a rock till then.

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