Sliced Chocolate Is Going To Change The World As We Know It

Photo: Imstepf Studios LlC/ Getty Images.
At first glance, the phrase "sliced chocolate" doesn't seem particularly life-changing. But we're talking slices of chocolate that remind us of Kraft American cheese singles. Yes, you can now make a grilled chocolate sandwich. Rocket News24 alerted us to the new trend, which for now is (sadly) only being sold in Japan. Not that we want all our chocolate to resemble a plastic-y slice of American cheese. But, we definitely want to try the new phenomenon. A Japanese company called Bourbon is behind the strange confection. According to its website, potential eaters can put these slices in sandwiches, use cookie cutters to turn them into decorative chocolate designs, wrap them around fruit, and so much more. A five-slice pack will set you back around $2.25, which seems totally reasonable to us. We're putting sliced chocolate on our culinary bucket list, right up there with cat marshmallows. Throw them together with some graham crackers, and you've got the s'mores of the future.

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