Dew You Want To Try These Soda-Inspired Wings?

In the grand tradition of American food technology, perhaps nothing will top the KFC Double Down in terms of unbridled chicken innovation. But Buffalo Wild Wings is throwing their hat into the fast food wild ring with their Mountain Dew-inclusive Zesty Citrus Sauce.

Before you say, “Ew gross, you can’t just add Mountain Dew to things and think that will somehow make it more appetizing,” consider that the food scientists at the Sauce Labs know what they’re doing. Or maybe they’ve lost their goddamn minds.

The sauce includes lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, red peppers, and the keystone ingredient of Mountain Dew. Kind of feels like the sauce name could have included a Mountain Dew-based pun. Not that we have any suggestions. Is the pun division at the Sauce Lab just completely asleep?

Either way, finally there’s a perfect compliment to the Dew Rum Runner cocktail, which is totally not Four Loko with different branding.

Oh, and you can order the sauces individually. Did someone say stocking stuffer?

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