Carrie Underwood Karaokes In A Car & Talks Hockey Fights

When Carrie Underwood and Late Late Show host James Corden get into a car, you know good times are about to ensue.

Corden and Underwood jam out to “Jesus Take the Wheel” before Carrie takes James boot shopping. Corden can’t resist himself, getting kitted out with a full-on cowboy hat and vest while Underwood and the sales associate look on in mute admiration. Later, Underwood has to help him out of his boots. It’s quite a scene.

They then sing along to “Mama’s Broken Heart." Also, they recreate “the most annoying sound in the world” from Dumb & Dumber, which is always a crowd pleaser. Breaking news: Underwood claims to know every lyric to every Wham song.

Be nice to Carrie or her husband Mike Fisher will punch you so hard your tooth will fall out. And she thinks that’s pretty hot. (Seriously.)

For more on Fisher, Wham, and what we’re to call Car Carrie-oke, check out the video.


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