Meet The Woman Who’s Never Cut Her Hair

Most people who attempt to grow their hair to Rapunzel-like lengths eventually get bored or frustrated with the process. They go for a chop, immediately regret it, then vow to never get a haircut again, and the cycle continues. Well, let us introduce you to 43-year-old Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell — a woman who has fought the urge to break out the scissors for her entire life — and her three daughters who've followed suit. The mother of five's hair has grown to a mind-boggling 74 inches; her daughter Callan's reaches 37 inches; Cendalyn's locks drop 36 inches, and Chesney has 27 under (or below) her belt. The grand total for the four ladies is 13 feet — the average height of an African elephant — and has won the family many a blue ribbon at the fair in their home state of Illinois. (Who knew hair-length contests were even a thing?) Of course, as beauty editors, our first thought was that all this hair must require a shit ton of upkeep. And that it does. Tere Lynn's daughters use a quarter of a bottle of conditioner each time they wash their manes, and the hair-washing process proves to be a challenge, as well. In the above video, Tere Lynn shares that the one time she attempted to wash her hair in the shower, she ended up on the floor because her locks were so heavy. And curly-haired girls thought they were the only ones who dreaded wash day. As far as professional trims go, well, the family had never even seen the inside of a hair salon before their visit in this segment. While they all opted for treatments and styles over cuts (the hair stylist was amazed at how healthy all their hair was), the youngest of the bunch might be back sooner than later. Chesney expresses her interest in cutting off 10 inches of her hair, which her mother completely supports. She states that she won't force her daughters to grow their hair forever. "It's not going to be my decision, it's going to be theirs," she says. "But I want them to be mature enough to make that decision for themselves." And until then, we have one very important question for the family: What's the secret to growing your hair that long?

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