8 Golden Girls Plots That Don’t Add Up

When you settle in for a mammoth marathon of The Golden Girls, certain things jump out at you. One: These ladies had a lot of sex. Two: Sophia Petrillo is a freaking national treasure. Three: Some story lines make absolutely no sense.
We're not referring to overtly far-fetched plots, like Dorothy continuing to find her ex-husband Stanley attractive, or the ladies somehow dating the same guy without knowing, or even Sophia getting lucky with Julio Iglesias. No, these issues have more to do with a lack of continuity. Characters disappear, actors who played one role return to play another, and personality traits emerge completely out of the blue. Also, Dorothy is 55 but is somehow a year or two out of a 38-year marriage? We know she got knocked up as a teen, but we're still calling bullshit.
Let's try to get to the bottom of this, shall we?

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