The Newest Happy Meal Addition Makes Us Wish We Were Kids Again

Not so long ago, your only Happy Meal options were a burger or nuggets. These days, there’s a bit more room to choose. Today’s kid’s can order apple slices, yogurt, milk, or juice in addition to the classic soda and fries. And while we appreciate the attempts at healthy eating, the thought of having a tube of Gogurt with a cheeseburger hasn’t exactly made us nostalgic for the boxed meal.

But the newest menu item to hop into a Happy Meal is making us really miss the days of getting a toy with our order. As Brand Eating reports, McDonald’s is trying out macaroni and cheese as an entree for Happy Meals. The bad news? This is only currently available at certain locations in Ohio. The good news? It’s also available a la carte, meaning that, for $1.75, diners of all ages can try the Golden Arches' take on mac and cheese — hopefully in more locations soon, if the test goes well

This isn’t the chain’s first big menu shake-up this year. Besides the long-heralded arrival of all-day breakfast, it also introduced mozzarella sticks for $1. (Delish)

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