Is It Just Us, Or Does This House Look Like Two People Having Sex?

It's not every day that a house stops you in your tracks. Sure, every once in a while an innocent neighborhood stroll will give way to some masturbatory shelter fantasies — what if we had a charming backyard? An all-glass portico? Seven stories of sheer brownstone glory? But we've never stumbled across anything quite like this.
The structure, known as "The Domestikator," is the unlikely brainchild of Rotterdam-based creative firm Atelier Van Lieshout. The home is part of a series of art projects unveiled at this year's Ruhrtriennale Festival, which we've never heard of but assume is like Art Basel for Freud's extended family tree.
Like an outsized erector set meeting its fullest potential, The Domestikator is sure to reset the priorities of many a swinging couple. Whose kid needs a college fund when there's a house shaped like two people humping to save up for? Goal setting, indeed.

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