The Voice Week 10 Recap: And Then There Were 10

Image courtesy NBC
Brad Paisley opened this round of The Voice results shows with a performance of “Country Nation.”

“What’s the purpose of naming all those popular football team mascots in the song?” You might wonder.

I think it’s so if you happen to be a fan of that football team, you will automatically like the song. (It’s a good song though, no hate.)

Anyway, the judges said that the performance quality for this crew is the highest it’s ever been. We’re inclined to agree. They’re dead right, these singers are universally great. I’m not sure how to pick.

Gwen, Braiden, Jesse, Korin took the stage to rock out to “You Get What You Give.” Gwen owned the stage in a ponytail and boots but all four voices melded into a really great harmony.

The Voice Final 11 got together for a family Thanksgiving and a great rendition of “Somebody to Lean On.” They’ve all become family. It’s like we, the viewers, are indeed a family alongside the contestants this week. Really makes you think.

Team Adam — Shelby, Amy, and Jordan — performed “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” which was great because we got to hear Jordan perform again. I kind of wish he had been put at risk of elimination so he could sing another song.

Here's who's safe:

1. Amy Vachal — Team Adam
2. Braiden Sunshine — Team Gwen
3. Zach Seabaugh — Team Blake
4. Jordan Smith — Team Adam
5. Madi Anne Davis — Team Pharrell
6. Emily Ann Roberts — Team Blake
7. Jeffrey Austin — Team Gwen
8. Barrett Baber — Team Blake
9. Shelby Gail Brown — Team Adam

Evan and Korin, however, were up for the Instant Save.

Evan McKeel performed “Let’s Stay Together” as his save attempt. And he did well. It’s a low-key song. We were kind of hoping that he would pick a more fiery song for the save. You want them to know you want it.

Korin Bukowski, meanwhile, performed “She Will Be Loved” and knocked it out of the park. Debatably a more laid-back song. Also blatant pandering to Adam.

But it worked! She won.


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