Is There A Secret Meaning Behind Your State's Fave Food Emoji?

Courtesy of SwiftKey.
At first glance, the above food map looks pretty normal. It shows which food emoji are most popular by state. SwiftKey is behind the new report, which also ranks the most frequently used food emoji in America. (Unsurprisingly, pizza is number one.)

Iowa uses corn the most; Hawaii uses pineapple, and Washington uses coffee, all of which make sense. But, if you really look closely, a striking number of states use the eggplant more than any other food emoji.

It was Eater that first noticed this hilarious coincidence. The site's explanation? People aren't actually talking about cooking with or eating eggplants. They're referring to the eggplant's more, ahem, risqué use as a phallic shape. And considering that it's not the top crop or a go-to dish in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, New York, or Nevada, we're going to have to agree with Eater on this one. What that doesn't explain is why Texas is so into grapes.

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