The 8 Worst Lessons We Learned From Home Alone

Home Alone has been giving kids the wrong ideas for 25 years. And the unfortunate lessons go way beyond "DIY death traps are better than calling the police."

Home Alone
, and its even more concerning sequel, imparted a variety of terrible notions to the unsuspecting youth of the '90s. Like, absolutely talk to strangers. Go to a second location with a stranger. Sneak out to give said stranger a present that was given to you by another stranger after you were finally reunited with your family. Not to mention all the faulty implications about the crystal-clear sound given off by '90s TV sets. And stair sledding.
It's amazing that this many generations have survived the influence of Home Alone. But of course, we'll all be showing it to our little cousins and nieces and nephews this year. It's tradition.

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