Uggs & Other Treasures From Oprah’s 2005 Favorite Things List

The year 2005 was a different time. Everyone was on MySpace. And everywhere you went, people were singing "Hollaback Girl." Oprah's list of favorite things from 2005 is not exactly a time capsule of the mid 2000s (just as not everyone is scrambling for every item on her list this year). But it's still a peak into what would most likely cause a group of Oprah fans to lose their minds 10 years ago.
The answer includes everything from iPods still sporting the clicky wheel to tins full of caramel corn. Now the real question is, are these still some of Oprah's favorite things? Do they just add up, year after year, or does she get sick of certain things? And has anyone ever done a Sound of Music-style parody?
Ahead, a look back at the precious items that made the list in 2005.

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